Clean house clean mind? or just another fad?

If you are present on social media right now, especially on Instagram, you will have seen the cleaning craze going on right now. You will see a sponge out of stock in the entirety of the UK and is now going for close to £25 on Amazon. Shelves in supermarkets are bare of certain cleaning products and people are scavenging the country for the highly sought after items on the “Hinch Haves” highlight. This is all because of one woman, the instagram user Mrshinchhome. Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie, has an instagram page which gains around 10-13k followers A DAY and has now hit 1 million followers. On paper this sounds so niche and so bizarre and yet so many people are addicted to it. So this got me thinking why would people be so intriguing and addicted to this lady who cleans her toilet at least 3 times a day?! I decided I would share my thoughts on it all and ask you what you think about it?

So here’s a little background to my relationship with cleaning. My mum would always clean my stuff up, I learnt as a kid that if I left it long enough she would just do it instead of forcing me into it or following through with her threats of binning my stuff . So until my teens I just didn’t feel the need to learn how to clean really because it was never a necessity for me. Then my boyfriend got his own flat and boy was that a kick up the arse for me. I learnt how to clean properly because it wasn’t my space, and it was a place I wanted to be clean and happy for the both of us. It’s been a journey (yes I know how stupid that sounds) but I’ve got to a place where I’m in a routine so I don’t get too overwhelmed with it all.

You’ll be thinking why the hell am I writing about this? I get that, I really do, but I had a thought about why so many people are obsessing over this. Mrs Hinch mentioned on her appearance on Good Morning that she was involved in mental health campaigns, now what has that got to do with her cleaning? Well, how much better do you feel once you’ve cleaned your house? How much easier can you rest once your environment isn’t a shit tip? I think there is a link between cleaning and helping you feel better. Maybe this whole thing is a tool to help people feel better about themselves. I once saw this quote saying “the first thing you should do in the day is make your bed, so you’ve accomplished at least one thing in your day” and it makes me think about how great I feel once I’ve cleaned my environment, I feel like I feel decluttered in my head too and I’m distracted for a small amount of time from the junk in my head. Even just cleaning my room or kitchen can help me feel like I wasn’t a complete failure in my day because I was useful in some way. So in that sense I can see this craze picking up the way it did, it provided motivation for a boring job that needs doing and a way to keep your space clean.

However I can also see why people aren’t for it. I mean she uses an insane amount of products that isn’t exactly cost effective, she can seem to be playing a part in this consumerist society and the amount of harmful chemicals used aren’t that environmentally friendly at all. The whole basis of her channel does seem to be “buy this, its lifechanging” which can be quite draining to see everyday, especially when you’re on a low budget for non essential things like three different types of bathroom cleaner. It can also be seen as un-enrivonmentaly friendly due to the sheer amount of different chemicals used everyday, which can’t be great for her health too. Another issue or comment I see regularly, which Mrs Hinch has already addressed, is that she is constantly cleaning a house which is already clean and that she doesn’t have children which means she can keep her house pretty clean easily. I personally think the not having children comment is completely unnecessary because we don’t know her situation especially when it comes to either her fertility or her choices on having children, because it is none of anybodys business but hers. I can understand the point that she is cleaning an already clean house, which might seem like a waste of time or that some of it is fake because its not actually making a massive difference. An issue with the sheer amount of time she cleans is that it could make people feel guilty or ashamed that they cannot dedicate themselves as much as she does, which is counteractive to what she is wanting to do.

Another debate I have also been seeing is that is Mrs Hinch reinforcing gender roles and stereotypes which women have been trying to break out of for however many years. This isn’t something I have really thought about myself but it did really get me thinking about it. Do I think that is her intention? Definitely not, she just seems like a women who is really into her cleaning and finds it good fun. However I can see how people can see that, I can understand how people can feel a bit weird about how it is aimed at women especially when feminists have been working hard to change these notions that women have to do the domestic work. I personally don’t agree with that view point, especially since I had never really thought of this until I saw it on twitter, I think that she is just sharing her passion just like we do on our blogs and other platforms and doing whatever the hell she wants.

Overall what do I think of this trend? I have a few final thoughts. Firstly, I think it is good that she has motivated so many people to take pride in their homes and to start to really look after their environment which helps them gain a sense of achievement. However I don’t agree with the idea of constantly pushing products (maybe because she loves them or maybe because she is getting sent them), just like I’ve previously said in my the reasons why I stand by social media Post everything on social media should be taken with a pinch of salt and without naivity.

Secondly I very much support the idea of the “tidy home, a tidy mind” mindset because it has seemed to be something that can help me on lower days however it is NOT something that can cure me. I would like to hear more about her campaign for mental health so I can really understand what she is trying to do and why she has blown up really.

I would be really interested to see what you guys think about it all and whether you’ve joined the hype too?

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex x



  1. Good post! I actually had no idea who this person was, but of course, now I have to go and find her. Honestly, though, I never feel better than after I have given my house a good once over. I don’t need 1000 different products to do a good job though, and I already have my favorites. I do think I will be right there with the people saying, ‘hey, what about the planet? All those chemicals are no bueno’.

    We really are at a point in the life of this society and planet where we really have to take a good hard look at the things we are using on a daily basis and start to trim the fat on waste and pollution.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment lovely. Yeah it’s such a crazy thing sometimes, the way social media can make people buy all the stuff they don’t need! We definitely need to be careful with what we’re doing to our planet because it’s all we have really!
      Alex x

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  2. I loved this post! I have to say I am totally obsessed with cleaning my home, I feel SO much more relaxed when there’s no clutter and I know nothing needs to be ‘done’. I just really think the whole Hinch thing is a bit excessive, if the majority of people can do a good job cleaning their homes on a couple of products then I believe she probably can too! I guess though, for her brand, she naturally has to promote a million different products or she’d run out of content! So we can’t really blame her – Congrats on a fab blog x

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    1. I didn’t really think about that, it is true that if she doesn’t promote loads of products people will get bored of it all. Thank you so much for your comment and feedback, it is very much appreciated. I’m glad that it helps you feel relaxed xx

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  3. Wow what a great post. To be honest I had no idea about this Mrs. Hinch fad at all. Which of their products do you think are necessary and which ones are overkill?

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    1. I think one disinfectant for general use, one toilet cleaner, one bathroom spray and one deep clean kitchen spray and mop stuff. You don’t need 13 different products for one room at all, and you don’t need everything with bleach in!


  4. I hadn’t heard of her before! Naturally now I have to go check her out. I always used cleaning to make myself feel better but I never actually bought cleaning products from it, usually because they were always in my house or flat. I don’t understand how this lady can influence so many people to buy cleaning products, absolutely crazy. I feel like now is a big time for people to find things to comfort them or make them feel better, so maybe that’s a contributor! This was such an interest post, loved it! Lots of love. Lavrax x

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  5. Cleaning is definitely a healthy habit if done correctly. If you pay attention to what your doing, are aware, without thinking, just mopping if you’re mopping. It’s Relaxing, rest’s your mind, and you feel good with a clean house. Then it’s an amazing habit.
    But if it’s an obsessive habit, where you need to do it because it bothers your mind so you do it compulsively, not really aware, then your your really missing the whole point and getting overly stressed.

    First person doesn’t mind having their clean house dirtied and used, the second would freak out and would constantly be stressed out.

    As for that lady, seems like she’s being a positive role model, for keeping clean houses, being sanitary. Also looks like she’s helping businesses and herself with $. All around seems like a win win

    Nicholas Alexander Adams

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    1. Yeah that’s so true! Thank you so much for comment and your feedback. I think it is something that needs to be done and if it can help you feel better or relaxed go for it but if it becomes stressful ease back and re-evaluate x


  6. This is really interesting! I havemt heard of her before but i do love cleaning/organization videos on youtube and use them to inspire me to clean. Thr fact that one person can inspire others to buy so many products is insane.
    I grew up in a house hold where we clean the house one good time each week top to bottom so I’m used to my routine. Im much more relaxed now than my mom was in cleaning. I dont make the same amount of mess as i did as a kid though so thats probably why.
    I found this really interesting and im reallt interested to follow tbis story even more now.

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    1. Yeah it’s crazy how much influence she seems to have on her following, like she manages to crash websites and sell out products in like 10 minutes. I think it is something that people need motivation on so I can see why she has blown up. Thanks for your comment and your kind words lovely


  7. I heard the name on Twitter but thanks for explaining what it’s all about! It really unsettles me thinking of how much pollution will go on due to this 😦 I try to use natural products and I used to use a steam cleaner because it kills bacteria etc. But no chemicals just water. X

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    1. I know it’s crazy! She just seems to throw bleach around left right and centre. I think using a small amount to keep your house clean is fine but to bleach your toilet three times A DAY is waaay too much. Thank you so much for your comment and your feed back it’s always appreciated x

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  8. This was actually so interesting to read because the hype regarding cleaning and Mrs. Hinch has grown so much. All I have heard is people talking about her and saying she is amazing etc.. so it was interesting to see the negatives also.

    Sophia xo //

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  9. I’m so old and out of touch, I had never heard of this campaign before. I love how it’s encouraging all sorts of debates about gender and the environment though, really interesting stuff 🙂

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  10. Really interesting post!! I definitely agree with you and there’s good and bad things! It’s great if it’s encouraged some people to be clean more but I hate the amount of chemicals and products being used multiple times a day!! I quite like her but honestly I haven’t changed how I clean or what I buy, apart from it’s actually made me more conscious of what/how many products I myself am using and I’m trying to switch to more natural environmentally friendly products! Great post!

    Laura xx

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    1. I think it is just a huge band wagon people want to jump on to but it can have just effects on things such as our environment. It is crazy how many chemicals she will use a day! Thank you for your comment xx


  11. When you’re ill or got a new baby or doing three jobs, no-one cares about how clean your house is. Tip. Not one person has their life together, despite what instagram claims. It’s a very simple illusion to fall for. If my house is immaculate, and so is my outward appearance, then my inner life will become perfect. If it gets to the point where someone won’t even eat a piece of birthday cake or go swimming because it might ruin their make-up, then something’s not right. To become happy and fullfilled, the first thing is to be grateful for little things in life that you have.

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