To Those Who Struggle With Family.

This post hit me hard and I just wanted to share it. Thank you for talking about this and letting people know it’s okay. You’re so strong for this and I hope so many people see it and send you all the love🧡


I have never felt like a part of my family.

I lived in Colombia for 10 years with my amazing family of cousins and uncles and aunties, a very loving grandma, and a great number of family friends. 

I had no knowledge of my family that lived in London, or that I even had family that lived in London, until the day that I moved. I was 10 years old, and I was in the company of strangers… My grandma, my aunty, my two cousins, and my uncle. This was my family now. 

10-13 years old:

In the first years, I became close to both of my cousins, one was a year younger than me and one was five years older. For some reason, my grandma treated them a lot more different than she treated me. She played with them, bought them presents, talked to them, got to know them, all that…

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